Integration Workflow

The integration between EPM Planning Projects and Project Management uses the following workflow:

  1. Set up the integration (one-time administrator task).

  2. Create and plan projects and project budgets in EPM Planning Projects.

  3. When projects are approved in EPM Planning Projects, export projects and project budgets from EPM Planning Projects to Project Management.

  4. Work with projects in Project Management.

    The project manager prepares a detailed budget in Project Management that is optionally validated against the strategic budget. As projects are executed, actual costs are collected in Project Management.

  5. Import project actuals from Project Management to EPM Planning Projects.

  6. In EPM Planning Projects, monitor the projects being executed, review and update project budgets, and perform variance analysis.

  7. Periodically, the portfolio managers re-plan the organizational budget, and send another budget version to Project Management.

EPM Planning Projects integration with Project Management Workflow