Enabling Flexible Account Mapping

Enable Flexible Account Mapping to have more flexibility in mapping Workforce accounts to Financials accounts.

By default, in Workforce, both basic salary and merit are mapped to OFS_Salaries in Financials when you run either the Synchronize Definition or Synchronize Defaults rule. See Pushing Data to Integrate Business Processes for more information on the data maps to use for this default integration.

Enabling Flexible Account Mapping allows you to map Salary and Merit data from Workforce to any account in Financials. You can map Salary and Merit to the same account, or to different accounts. Typically you would enable Flexible Account Mapping if you are using your own chart of accounts in Financials, rather than using the provided chart of accounts, however this is not a requirement. For more information on using your own chart of accounts, see About the Financials Chart of Accounts.

You can incrementally enable Flexible Account Mapping.

Financials and the Financials Expense planning option must be enabled in order to enable this feature.

Mapping Level—Specify whether the mapping should be done at the Global level (the same mapping for every entity) or at the Entity level.

Mapping Drivers—Specify whether the mapping drivers should be based on the Grade or on the Defaults for the application. If you select Defaults, you can vary the mappings across default drivers. For example, if Granularity is Employee and Job, you can vary the mapping across Job and Union Code.

For defaults:

  • If granularity is Employee and Job, the defaults are Job or Union Code.
  • If granularity is Employee, the defaults are Employee Type or Pay Type.
  • If granularity is Job, the defaults are Pay Type or Skill Set.

After enabling features, map the salary and merit accounts in Workforce to the accounts in Financials. See Customizing the Mapping for Integration between Workforce and Financials.

You use the provided data maps to push the data from Workforce to Financials. See Pushing Data to Integrate Business Processes,