Enabling Expense Planning

Select Expense Planning and then select the workforce-related expenses to manage. If you select Expense Planning, then Compensation Planning, which includes salary planning, is also selected by default.

  • You can also enable Additional Earnings, Benefits, Taxes, and Non Compensation Expenses by the level of granularity you selected.
  • Merit Based Planning enables you specify merit rates for employees. You can select Merit Based Planning only if you enable granularity for either Employee or Employee and Job.

    If you select only Merit Based Planning and not Merit Assumptions, merit rates are set at the entity level.

    Optionally, if you enable Merit Assumptions, you can specify at what level to plan: Global or Per Entity. Selecting Merit Assumptions also enables additional options for setting merit assumptions for Merit Month and Cut-off Date for existing employees. See Setting Assumptions.

    If you select Merit Assumptions, the Global or Per Entity selection applies to all merit-based assumptions, including merit rate, merit month, and cut-off date. Ensure that you load merit rates to the level you select.

    You can incrementally enable Merit Assumptions.