Setting Assumptions

Assumptions (and defaults) drive the calculations for workforce-related expenses.

Assumptions include:

  • Hours worked per day, week, and month, which drive salary expenses for hourly employees.

  • The partial payment factor (that is, the pay percentage to apply to Maternity Status).

  • The salary basis (for example, annual) and rate for Salary Grades.

  • Set merit rates, which are added to salary calculations.

You can set assumptions by entity or at the No Entity level (for default assumptions). If you set assumptions for the entity, then they are used for calculations; otherwise, the assumptions set for No Entity (at the organization level) are used. The exception to this is Merit Rate, which must be set at the entity level.

Administrators set workforce assumptions during configuration. If they're granted permissions, planners can then update them as needed by clicking or tapping Compensation Planning, then the Assumptions tab Assumptions icon.

After setting assumptions, run the Synchronize Defaults rule (see Synchronizing Defaults.) To set defaults for Salary, Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes, see Setting Defaults.