Synchronizing Defaults

Whenever you update the entity defaults for benefits, taxes, or additional earnings using the Benefit and Taxes wizard on the Configure page, you must push the updated data to the input forms by running the Synchronize Defaults business rule.
  1. Click Compensation Planning, then Manage Employees, and then Existing Employees.
  2. Highlight a row with an individual or a blank row.
    If you intend to execute the business rule for:
    • Only one person, highlight the row containing that person's name, and then run the rule
    • Multiple people or to select the dimensionality with a runtime prompt, highlight a blank row and then run the rule
  3. Click Actions, then Business Rules, and then Synchronize Defaults.
The business rule recalculates and updates data in the forms.


When you update the metadata for a component (for example, salary grades, benefits, taxes, and additional earnings), run the Synchronize Component Definition business rule to push the updated definition to already-assigned employees and jobs. This rule doesn't update the entity defaults.