Customizing the Mapping for Integration between Workforce and Financials


This feature is available only if you enable Flexible Account Mapping. For more information, see Enabling Flexible Account Mapping.

By default, the data maps provided for integration between Workforce and Financials are set up to use the provided Financials chart of accounts.

If you are using your own chart of accounts in Financials, you can modify the mapping so that the data maps push data to the correct accounts. This also allows you to map salary and merit separately, if needed.

After you add the accounts in Financials, make sure to add the accounts as shared members under OFS_Cross Module Integration > OFS_Workforce FinStmt Integration > OFS_Total Compensation. This step ensures that your own accounts are available for selection when modifying the mappings.

To customize the member mapping between Workforce and Financials for basic salary and merit accounts:

  1. From the Home page, click Workforce, and then click Compensation Planning.
    • If you enabled flexible account mapping drivers by Grade, click Assumptions and then click the Financial Account Mapping tab.
    • If you enabled flexible account mapping by Defaults, click Defaults and then click the Salary Mapping tab or Merit Mapping tab.

    The POV depends on the selections you made for Mapping Level and Mapping Drivers when enabling Workforce Flexible Account Mapping.

    • If you enabled flexible account mapping drivers by Grade, for each salary or merit account, select a Financials account to map to, and then click Save.
    • If you enabled flexible account mapping by Defaults, right-click a row on the form and then select Add Salary Mapping or Add Merit Mapping. Select a member or members for each default driver dimension that the financial mapping should apply to, select a Financials account to map to, and then click Launch.


    The salary and merit member lists are populated from the Financials shared members in OFS_Total Compensation.
  2. After completing the mappings, run the rule OWP_Synchronize Mappings For Financial Accounts or Synchronize Defaults.

If you chose to map the Salary by Grade, and your loaded data has only Salary Basis and Rate without Grade information, define the mapping to OWP_No Grade in the Component dimension to successfully to move data for these employees.

To remove mappings when Mapping Drivers is set to Defaults, right-click a member and select Remove Financial Mappings. If you select a parent member account, all mappings under the parent are removed.


To copy defaults for Salary, Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes; or the mappings for Basic Salary or Merit from one entity to other entitites, right-click a member and then select Copy Data Across Entities, and then click OK. Select From and To entities, and then click Launch. This action clears the target before copying the members.

Use Copy Data Across Entities for Grades to copy grades, rate information, and Financials mappings for grades.

For information on the data maps used to push data between Workforce and Financials, see Pushing Data to Integrate Business Processes. You can also see a Financials integration summary: from the Home page click Financials, then Analysis, and then Financials Integration Summary.