Define the Fringe Benefit

Next, we use the Benefits and Taxes Wizard to set the rate for the fringe benefit options.

  1. From Configure: Workforce, click Benefits and Taxes.
  2. Click Filterfilter icon.
  3. Select the Scenario and Version for the fringe benefit and from Components, click Benefits, and then Apply:

    screenshot of Filter with Benefits selected as the Component

  4. Under Details, set the fringe benefit parameters:

    Screenshot of Details page when defining new fringe benefits

  5. Click Save and Next.
  6. On Rates, enter the fringe benefit rates for each fringe rate option for each year:

    Screenshot of Rates page when defining new fringe benefits

  7. Click Save and Next.
  8. Review the new benefits options:

    Screenshot of Benefits and Taxes Review page

  9. Click Save, and then Close.