Set the Benefit Defaults

Next we’ll set the benefit defaults for the children members of each parent entity: North America, EMEA, and APAC.

  1. Click Workforce on the Home page.
  2. Click Compensation Planning, then Defaults, and then Benefits.
  3. From the POV, select the Entity member.

    In this example, we'll set the benefit default for Sales Italy.

  4. Click Actions, and then Add Benefit Default.
  5. On Add Benefit Defaults, for Benefit, select Fringe Benefit Rate, and for Option, select Fringe Rate – EMEA:

    Screenshot of Add Benefit Defaults

  6. Click Launch.

Now, whenever you add a hiring requisition (using the Add TBH business rule) to Sales Italy, the new fringe benefit rate that we set up for EMEA (for example, 34% for 2017) is applied. Compensation is automatically calculated, including the fringe benefit. (The fringe benefit rate is also applied when you run the Synchronize Default business rule.) If you update the fringe benefit rate using the Benefits and Taxes Wizard, to apply the updated rate, run the Synchronize Component Definition business rule.