About Integration

Depending on how your administrator set up your application, the administrator can set up these integration scenarios:

  • In Financials, see a rollup of Workforce employee details and integrate Workforce expenses (such as salary, benefits, and so on) into Financials reporting.
  • In Financials, see a rollup of Projects details and integrate project expenses and revenue into your Financials reporting.
  • In Financials, see a rollup of Capital asset details and integrate the capital asset depreciation into Financials reporting.
  • In Workforce, see the utilization of employees across projects or on a per project basis.
  • In Projects, assign project assets to Capital asset classes to capitalize the assets. Assets are moved from Projects to Capital.
  • In Projects, use Job Rates from Workforce.
  • In Projects, use Equipment Rates from Capital.

Required steps are noted where needed, for example, when you add a new hire in Workforce or plan a new asset in Capital.

When you are ready to see integrated data, ask your administrator to run the required rules and push data. You can review integrated data in these dashboards: