Working with Budget Revisions and Integrating with Budgetary Control

If your administrator enabled Budget Revisions and integration with the Budgetary Control module in Oracle ERP Cloud, you can review balances from Budgetary Control, review Budgetary Control impact before approving budget changes using Funds Check, and update budget changes in Budgetary Control using Funds Reserve. You can also drill through at the cell level from the current approved budget to Budgetary Control.

If you don't have Budgetary Control you can still use budget revisions to create and populate budget revisions, and share the revisions.


Your Goal Watch This
Learn how to create and enter budget revisions, perform funds checks, reserve funds, and review the approved budget in EPM Planning Financials Budget Revision and Oracle ERP Cloud Budgetary Control. Creating Budget Revisions in EPM Planning Financials and Oracle ERP Cloud Budgetary Control