About Scenarios

Use scenarios to:

  • Apply different planning methods

  • Create forecasts

  • Enter data into scenarios

  • Associate scenarios with different time periods or exchange rates

  • Assign user access rights by scenario

  • Report on scenarios

  • Compare and analyze scenarios

Time Periods

Assign each scenario a range of years and time periods, and specify the Beginning Balance time period. When users access forms, they can enter into that scenario only years and periods within the range. Years and periods outside of the range display as read-only. You can modify the time range.

Exchange Rate Table

If a Standard multicurrency application converts currencies, assign an exchange rate table to the scenario. By assigning different exchange rate tables to scenarios, you can model the effects of currency rate assumptions.

Access Permissions

Specify access permissions to Scenario dimension members for groups or users to determine who can view or modify data. A user or group can have only one of these access permissions: Read, Write, or None. Access permissions for a user can be combined based on groups to which the user belongs.