Activating and Deactivating Navigation Flows

You can create multiple navigation flows for each category (global, role, or group), but only one navigation flow can be active in each category. Whenever you make a navigation flow active, the other navigation flows in the same category will become inactive.


Each business process requires one active global navigation flow. To make a different global navigation flow active, select another global navigation flow and activate it.

For information about categories, see Navigation Flow Customization Categories.

These are the operations users can and cannot perform on an active navigation flow:

  • Name—Users can't modify the name.

  • Delete—Users can't delete the navigation flow.

  • Edit:

    • Users can view the navigation flow definition, but they can't change anything.

    • If the business process is in administration mode, then users can save any modifications.

  • Activate or Deactivate—Users can activate or deactivate a navigation flow.

  • Duplicate—Users can make a copy of a navigation flow.

To activate or deactivate a navigation flow:

  1. Open the Navigation Flow page. See Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows.
  2. In the Active column, click Active or Inactive. An active flow will be marked inactive. Conversely, an inactive flow will be marked active.