Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows

Service Administrators can view a list of navigation flows, including the predefined navigation flow, within the Navigation Flow page.

The Navigation Flow page lists each navigation flow by name, indicates the role or the group that has access to the navigation flow (if assigned), and provides a description of the navigation flow (if provided). The listing also indicates whether the navigation flow is active or not.


There are naming restrictions for navigation flows, cards, clusters, tabs, and infolets (if your business process uses infolets) in navigation flows. You cannot use these special characters:

  • ampersand ( & )

  • less than sign ( < )

  • greater than sign ( > )

  • quotation mark ( " )

  • backslash ( \ )

  • plus sign ( + )

To view the navigation flow:

  1. Click Tools, and then click Navigation Flows.
  2. To work with a navigation flow, perform an action: