Grouping Cards into Clusters

A cluster is a grouping of cards. You must first create a cluster and then you can assign cards to it. You can also add existing clusters to navigation flows.

To group cards into clusters:

  1. Create a new cluster or add an existing cluster:
    1. Open the Navigation Flow page and click the name of the navigation flow in which you want to add a cluster. See Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows.
    2. To create a new cluster, click Navigation Flow Actions Icon, click Add Cluster, enter or select the cluster details, and then choose a graphic for the cluster.


      Ensure that you adhere to the naming restrictions outlined in Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows.

    3. To add an existing cluster, click Navigation Flow Actions Icon, click Add Existing Card/Cluster. If there is an existing cluster you want to add from another environment, click Navigation Flow Actions Icon, click Add Existing Card/Cluster, select the target environment under My Connections, and then choose the cluster you want to add to your navigation flow.


      • Clusters can't be directly selected from Narrative Reporting and Profitability and Cost Management using the Add Existing Card/Cluster option.

      • Clusters that are added from another navigation flow or from another environment will display the localized labels that were defined in the source navigation flow. To update the cluster labels in your navigation flow, on the Home page, click Tools, and then click Artifact Labels. See "Specifying Artifact Labels" in your EPM Cloud Administering guide.

      • A reference cluster is a cluster that is already referenced from another navigation flow. References to already referenced clusters are not supported in navigation flows and will not be available for selection in the Object Library when adding an existing cluster.

    4. Click Save and Close.

    The newly added cluster displays in the listing.

  2. Select the cards to include in the cluster:
    1. To the right of each card that you want to move, in the Order column, click Move to Cluster icon.
    2. Select the cluster, and then click OK.

    The cards will appear in the listing as children of the cluster. Use the up and down arrows next to the cards to reorder the cards within the cluster, if needed.

To reload a navigation flow to view design time changes, see Reloading a Navigation Flow.