Assigning Attribute Values to Members

You can assign attribute values members of a dimension that are defined as sparse for all cubes. Attribute values must be assigned to the same-level sparse dimension members. Otherwise, errors display during refresh.

To assign attribute values to members:

  1. From the Home page, click Navigator Navigator icon, and then under Create and Manage, click Dimensions.
  2. Select the sparse dimension for whose member you want to assign an attribute value.
  3. In the Dimension hierarchy, select a member to which to assign an attribute value.
  4. Click Custom Attributes icon.
  5. For members assigned attribute values, click Edit icon to change a member’s attribute value.
  6. Select attribute values to assign to the member.
  7. Perform an action:
    • To assign the value to the selected member, click Add icon.

    • To remove a value from the selected member, select the value to remove and click Remove icon.

    • To remove all values from the selected member, click Remove All icon.

  8. Click Save.