Converting an EPM Standard Cloud Service to EPM Enterprise Cloud Service

Learn how to convert an EPM Cloud Service application from Standard to Enterprise.


This topic discusses converting an EPM Standard Cloud Service to an EPM Enterprise Cloud Service. To convert a Planning application, see Converting a Planning Application.

To increase the number of cubes and to use the logic required to support more extensive calculations and other advanced functionality such as IPM Insights, you can perform an in-place conversion from EPM Standard Cloud Service to EPM Enterprise Cloud Service.

For a list that details the applications and features available to you in EPM Standard Cloud Service and EPM Enterprise Cloud Service, see About EPM Cloud Services.

Only customers who have purchased an EPM Enterprise Cloud license can convert from Standard to Enterprise. You will be asked to confirm that you have the Enterprise order ID to complete the conversion.


Converting an application can't be undone. Be sure you back up your data before converting.

To convert from an EPM Standard Cloud application to an EPM Enterprise Cloud application:

  1. Click Application, and then click Overview.

  2. Click Actions, and then select Convert to Enterprise.

  3. In the Convert to Enterprise dialog, select the checkbox to confirm you have the Enterprise order ID, and then click Convert to Enterprise.


After converting to Enterprise, users will need to refresh the Planning node in Calculation Manager to enable them to create Groovy rules. Without refresh, users might not get the drop-down to select Groovy in the script editor of Calculation Manager.