Creating Dashboards Containing Master Forms and Details

You can design dashboards that have one master form and multiple detail (or target) objects (forms or charts). When you do so, the selection of members in the master form automatically filters to the members in the target objects, and the target objects show only the details that are relevant to the members highlighted in the master form.

Considerations when designing dashboards with master forms and target objects:

  • Master forms must always be a form (you cannot tag a chart as a master form).

  • The target objects can be forms or charts.

  • The dashboard containing a master form must always contain more than one object.

  • Only one form on a dashboard can be tagged as master. If you want to tag a different form on a dashboard as master, you must first untag the existing master form.

To create a dashboard containing a master form and target objects:

  1. Create a dashboard with at least one form and one or more target objects.
  2. Ensure the dashboard is in designer mode by clicking Actions, and then clicking Edit.
  3. Select the form on the dashboard that you want to designate as master, click the Settings icon for that form, and then select Tag as Master.

To filter the data in the target forms or charts that is relevant to the data in a master form, right-click the relevant data in the master form and select Apply Context.