Exporting and Importing Artifact Labels for Editing

You can export all the artifact labels in a given language to edit them. Only artifacts that already have labels will be exported. The labels are exported in an Excel file format (XLSX). After you edit the labels, you can import them back into the application.


Use this method for bulk changes or edits on artifact labels by language; for example, terminology changes that affect multiple labels. For updates to individual artifact labels, you can edit them directly in the artifact grid. See Adding Languages and Defining Localized Artifact Labels.

To export all artifact labels by language for editing and then import them:

  1. Click Tools, and then click Artifact Labels.
  2. Export the XLSX file containing all of the artifact labels:
    1. Click Actions, and then Export.
    2. Select the target location for the export file:
    3. Choose a language.
    4. Click Export.
  3. Edit the labels in the XLSX file.
  4. Import the XLSX file:
    1. Click Actions, and then Import.
    2. Select the location of the import file:
      • Local: Loads the import file from a location on your computer. For Source File, click Browse to select the import file on your computer for the artifact you're importing.

      • Inbox: Loads the import file from the server. Enter the name of the file in Source File. See Uploading and Downloading Files Using the Inbox/Outbox Explorer.

    3. Click Import.