Working with Approval Unit Hierarchies

Use approval unit hierarchies to adapt the budgeting process to all types of organizational requirements.

  • Approval units are a combination of the entity and other dimensions. For example, if an application includes all of a company's products, the approval unit hierarchy for North America can include dimensions and members appropriate to products sold in North America. Similarly, the approval unit hierarchy for the European division can include dimensions and members for products sold in Europe. Within the same approvals hierarchy, Latin America entities can be enhanced using the Account dimension, creating approval units such as Entities by HR, Entities by Capital Expenditures, and Entities by Revenue.

  • Use preset budgeting mode templates to create hierarchies that are bottom-up, distributed, or free form.

  • Include dynamic links to dimensions based on generation numbers for the entity dimension and the secondary dimension that is used. For example, automatically add generations 0 to 3 in the entity or segment dimension to the approval unit hierarchy. If a change occurs in the dimension, the approval unit hierarchy can be easily updated.

  • Import and export approval unit hierarchies.

  • Create approval unit hierarchies that differ by scenario and version. For example, the Budget scenario can have a large approval unit hierarchy consisting of departments, accounts, and products, while the Forecast has a simpler process organization with fewer levels of approval.