Working with Smart Lists

Service Administrators use Smart Lists to create custom drop-down lists that users access from form cells. When clicking in cells whose members are associated with a Smart List (as a member property), users select items from drop-down lists instead of entering data. Users can't type in cells that contain Smart Lists. Smart Lists display in cells as down arrows that expand when users click into the cells.

Perform these tasks to create and administer Smart Lists:

  • Define Smart Lists.

  • Associate Smart Lists with members.

  • Select dimensions for which Smart Lists are displayed.

  • Optionally:

    • Use Smart List values in member formulas.

    • Set how #MISSING cells associated with Smart Lists display in forms.

    • Synchronize Smart Lists in reporting applications


For a Smart List to be viewable in forms, the dimension to which the Smart List type member belongs must be first in the evaluation order. See Managing Dimensions.

To create or work with Smart Lists:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Create and Manage, click Smart Lists.
  2. Perform one action:
    • To create a Smart List, click Create icon, and then set Smart List properties. See Setting Smart List Properties.

    • To edit a Smart List, select it, click Edit icon, and then set Smart List properties. See Setting Smart List Properties.

    • To delete Smart Lists, select them, click Delete icon, and then click OK. Deleting Smart Lists also deletes any associated mappings with dimension members and reporting applications.

      Data cells can display only one Smart List. If multiple Smart Lists intersect at cells, set which one takes precedence.

    • Optional: Click Synchronize icon to synchronize Smart Lists in a reporting application. See Synchronizing Smart Lists in Reporting Applications.


When a member in a Smart List is deleted and then added back in again, the new member assumes a new unique ID. Any data that was associated with the deleted member will display as the deleted member's numeric ID.