Points of View (POVs) and Calculation

These are some important concepts to understand:

  • The global context, rule sets, and rules in Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud applications are specific to a single point of view (POV).

  • A rule set or rule of the same name may exist in multiple POVs but each of the instances of that rule set or rule is a unique artifact and may have a unique definition.

  • Running a rule for a specific POV executes the definition of that rule set or rule as it exists in that POV.

When you perform a single-POV calculation, you select one POV with both data and rules and run the calculation against it using its own rules. If you want to calculate the data in one POV using rules from another, or if you want to use the rules in one POV against the data in several different POVs, you can perform multi-POV calculations, discussed later in this tutorial.