Defining the Formula for Custom Calculation Rules

Previous topics describe how to enter a range of dimensions and members that are affected by a custom calculation rule. The next step is to define the calculation formula for the rule.

To define the formula for a custom calculation rule:

  1. In an open custom calculation rule, click the Formula tab (Figure 8-16).

    Figure 8-16 The Formula Tab of the Custom Calculation Rule Definition Area

    Enter required information as described in the following steps.
  2. Enter the formula as a text string (see About Custom Calculation Rule Formula Syntax for format information).
  3. Select Validate Formula to determine if the formula is valid.


    Custom calculation rules are validated against the data cube. If you have recently added or changed dimensions or members, the custom calculation rules may not validate correctly until you have redeployed the cube to propagate the changes.

  4. When the formula is complete, click Save button (Save).


Following rule calculation, you can define appropriate model views and use the Rule Balancing or Manage Queries tasks to view custom calculation rule results.

To view context definitions for the custom calculation rule, see Viewing Contexts for Custom Calculation Rules.

To edit and delete rules, see Managing Rules with the Manage Rules Screen.