About Profitability and Cost Management Calculations

If you have a Service Administrator or Power User role, you can calculate a deployed application in Profitability and Cost Management.

Service Administrators and Power Users must perform calculations before Users and Viewers can create or view analyses and reports. The topics in this section describe how calculations work in Profitability and Cost Management.

Basically, rules run and perform financial allocations according to how the rules are defined. Originally, you could use only the Calculation option, available through the Navigator menu, Navigator icon, to perform basic single-POV calculations. For single-POV calculations, you select a point of view (POV) to calculate and, by default, its rules are applied to its own data.

Now, you can use Execution Control, available in the Models cluster, Models cluster, to perform single- or multiple-POV calculations. While you can apply the rules from one POV against its own data, you also can apply the rules from one POV against the data for one or more different POVs. You can use the Execution Control and Run Express Calculation screens to select one or more data POVs, and then a model POV with rules to run against the data (About POVs).