Complete One-Time Manual Step If You Enabled Forecast by Opportunity Owner

If you enabled Forecast by Opportunity Owner in Setup Assistant, then you must complete a one-time manual setup required internally by the application: you must enable a sales territory dimension even though you aren't using any dimensions. Here's how:

  1. Open the task Enable Dimensions and Metrics from the Setup and Maintenance work area:

    • Offering: Sales

    • Functional Area: Territories

    • Task: Enable Dimensions and Metrics

  2. On the Enable Dimensions and Metrics page, click Edit.

  3. In the Dimensions region, click Select and Add.

  4. Select Account Type and click OK.

  5. From the Actions menu at the page level, select Load and Activate.

    Your selection runs a process that loads the required data.

You can select Refresh Status from the Actions menu at the page level to monitor the process progress. When the process completes successfully, you're done.