Overview of Microsoft 365 for Sales

Your sales organization can use the integration between CX Sales and Microsoft 365 to access sales application data from within Microsoft 365 and apps that use Microsoft Exchange.

Important: Oracle recommends that you use the Redwood User Experience version of the Microsoft Outlook add in. See the Implementing Sales guide chapter for more information.

The integration includes an add-in that opens as a side-panel in Microsoft Outlook. This means that when composing emails and creating meetings, the sales organization can access sales data directly in Outlook.

Here's how the sales organization benefits from the integration:

  • Salespeople can capture interactions with customers, including emails and meetings, in CX Sales. This allows the sales organization to remain informed on the latest status of customer engagement, including various communications, ongoing meetings, and meeting outcomes.

  • Salespeople can perform their sales-related work without having to leave Outlook -- often their most frequently used application.

  • Because the integration synchronizes sales data with Microsoft Exchange, salespeople can see their sales appointments on their native phone apps and other applications integrated with Microsoft Exchange.