Sales Analytics Interfaces

Oracle Sales provides many options for getting key analytic data for sales users.

Sales Analytics Pages

With Oracle Sales analytics you have analytics interfaces right at your fingertips. You can make favorite analytics on your Analytics page, and your administrator can add analytics to your Sales Pages.

Interfaces where you view analytics:

  • The Sales Pagess: The Sales Infolet page comes enabled and prebuilt with analytics specific to many of the sales roles. The Sales Pages are enabled and configured by your administrator.

  • The Analytics Page: You personalize this page by adding favorite analytics. It also shows recently viewed analytics.

Note: Depending on your implementation and software version, some page icons, menu links, and navigator options may not be available.

Exploring the Sales Infolet Pages

The sales infolet pages contain analytics that can be viewed on mobile, tablet, or laptop. Clicking an infolet drills down to more detail on an analysis. Your administrator can change the content that you see on these pages. The Sales Infolet page comes prebuilt with analytics that show data specific to the many sales roles in your organization..

Exploring the Analytics Page

From the Home page you get to your Analytics page by clicking Sales and then Analytics. You configure which analytics you see on this page by searching for analytics, and marking them as your favorites. Favorites remain on your Analytics page to view at any time.

This figure shows the Analytics page with the Search for analytics option and the favorites marked with the gold star.
Analytics page