How do I switch to Work Areas powered by Adaptive Search

Here's how existing customers can switch from the legacy work areas to the new work areas powered by Adaptive Search. No action is required for new customers who get the new work areas by default.

You must complete these steps:

  • Use the Opt In UI to enable this feature.
  • Make sure that the business objects for the work areas are indexed.
  • You select the Display Object in Workspace check box on the Configure UI tab in the Configure Adaptive Search page.

See the Configure UI section of "A Quick Rundown of the Adaptive Search Setup UI" topic for more information.

Note: Salespeople granted the View Fuse List as Default List Pages (ZCA_VIEW_FUSE_LIST_PAGES) privilege, are taken to the legacy work areas that use CRM Search technology instead of the new ones.

Opt in to Enable Work Areas Powered by Adaptive Search

Here's how existing customers can enable navigation to the new work areas that use Adaptive Search.

  1. Sign in as a setup user.

  2. In the Setup and Maintenance area, go to the Sales offering.

  3. Select the Change Feature Opt In from the Sales Foundation functional area and open the Edit Features: Sales Foundation page.

  4. In the Features column, locate Open Work Areas Powered by Adaptive Search.

  5. Click the pencil icon and select the Enable check box.

  6. Click Done.

For more information, see the New Feature Opt-In section of the Oracle Applications Cloud - Using Functional Setup Manager guide on the Oracle Help Center (