View Dimension

The View dimension controls the representation of data across the time periods.
View Dimension

Data should be loaded into the system at the base level view; however, data can be queried in any time series views. Data is only stored in the ‘Periodic’ member and other members are always dynamically calculated. If you load data into YTD, the data is distributed across the Periodic values. The system retrieves the stored data and transforms it to the requested View when queried.

The View dimension includes the following members:

  • FCCS_Periodic--Each period shows the data entered, calculated or derived for this specific period.
  • FCCS_QTD--Each quarter shows the data entered, calculated or derived for this specific quarter.
  • FCCS_YTD Input--This member would be used for post-data load processing of YTD values to Periodic.
  • FCCS_YTD--Periods within a year are cumulative, and do not expand across years.

To define the View Dimension:

  1. From the Home Page, select Application, then Overview, and then the Dimensions tab.
  2. Click View to set the properties.
    Select properties for the View dimension.
  3. Optional: Select the appropriate optional properties for your application:
    • Enter a Description for the dimension.
    • Select an Alias Table, if available.
    • Enter an Alias name for the dimension.
    • Select Two Pass Calculation.
    • Check to Apply Security.
  4. Select the type of Data Storage to be applied to the dimension:
    • Label Only
    • Never Share
    • Dynamic Calc
    • Dynamic Calc and Store
    • Store
  5. Under Display Option, select whether you want to display the Member Name or Alias in reports.
  6. Select the Hierarchy Type, if available.
  7. Under Cube, select which cubes you want to use. You can enable Consol, Rate or CbCR .
  8. Under Custom Attributes, click Create to add a new custom attribute. Enter a name for the attribute, and select the Data Type.
  9. Click Done.