Uploading Archives

Use this option to upload a ZIP file (containing data, metadata, rule definitions, dimension definitions, mapped transactions, backup snapshots, and so on) from the local computer to the application. You cannot upload a ZIP file if a file with identical name exists in the application.

Files that you upload to the application are stored for 60 days after which they are automatically deleted.

To upload an archive:

  1. From the Home page, select Tools, and then Migration.
  2. Select the Snapshots tab.
    Snapshots tab for Migration
  3. Select the snapshot that you want to upload to the environment.
  4. Click Migrations Options Migration Options icon.
  5. On the Import Options dialog box, select the options you want to use for the upload, and then click Save and Close
    Select the import options you want to use for the upload.
  6. Browse to the location for the upload, and then click Upload.
  7. When the upload is complete, select the Reports tab to view the following:
    • Artifact Updates -- Enter Artifact options, start and end date, and Categories, and then click Run Report. Review the resulting report.
    • Migration Status -- Click Migration Status report to review the results and status for the report.

    Migration Reports tab