Aggregation Options

You can define calculations within dimension hierarchies using aggregation options. Aggregation options determine how child member values aggregate to parent members:

  • + Addition

  • - Subtraction

  • * Multiplication

  • / Division

  • % Percent

  • ~ Ignore

All immediate children of the dimension name member must be set with an aggregation option of Ignore or Never. Seeded dimension members should already have the Consolidation Operator set as Ignore. Use the top dimension member rather than the dimension name in forms and reports.

When you make changes to the seeded members, you cannot export or import them using a dimension export CSV file. You must use the Module Customization Migration artifact. Exporting and then importing CSV files will not retain your attribute changes for seeded members.

Label Only Members

The Consolidation Operator for Label Only dimension members must be Never. If you create any custom Label Only Members, be sure to set the Consolidation Operator to Never, so that the members aggregate to parent members properly.