Adding Connections

You can add connections to associate with an Integration Type. You can also specify the security policy to use for an Integration Type.

In addition, you can specify application-level tokens and values for all Integration Types in an application. When you specify an application-level token in an end-user URL or web service WSDL, the system replaces the token with the value defined for that token in the application. For example, you can specify tokens with values for server and port, and the system automatically applies those values to the Integration Types in the application.

To add a connection:

  1. Select Manage, and then Integration Types.
  2. Click Manage Applications.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter an application name.
  5. Optional: Enter additional application properties.
  6. Optional: To add an application-level token, in the Application Tokens table, click New. Enter a token name and optionally a token value, and then click OK.


    To remove a token, Click Delete.