Generating Report Binders

The Generate Report Binder dialog box enables you to specify the parameters needed to create a report. When you open a schedule in a view and run Generate Report Binder, the report binder is applied to the current view and incorporates only the tasks within the current filtered view.

The report binder is generated and returned through the browser as a document. When you run Generate Report Binder, you have the option to open it immediately or to save it to disk as a ZIP file.

You can generate report binders for multiple schedules at a time. This can be helpful if your application has a large number of schedules.

To generate a report binder:

  1. From the list of Schedules, select one or more schedules for which to generate a report binder.
  2. From the Actions dropdown, select Generate Report Binder.
  3. In Report Binder Name, enter a name.
  4. In Description, enter a binder description.

    For Schedule Name, the system automatically displays the name of the current schedule.

  5. From Optional Components, select the task components that you want to display in the report:
    • Alerts

    • Comments

    • Attachments


    Including attachments in the report greatly increases the size of the report and may impact the performance.

  6. Click Generate.
  7. From File Download, select Save.

    The Save As dialog box is displayed, and the ZIP file name is displayed at the bottom.

  8. Select a directory for the ZIP file, click Save, then Close.