Viewing Report Binders

When you generate a report binder, it is output in one zipped file. The ZIP file name is the name that you specified for the Report Binder. The report pages are merged into an HTML report, with page breaks for sections as required, so that the report can be printed with a print command. If you choose to include attachments, a separate attachment appendix, containing links to attachments with corresponding tasks and alerts, is created, which you can print separately. All attachments are downloaded to separate folders.

If you saved the report binder as a ZIP file, you can extract everything from the ZIP, which creates a directory structure with the same name as the report binder. You can see the report binder by opening the HTML page in the directory. The first report page contains information on the report binder, the schedule, and displays a list of tasks and alerts available in the report binder. You can navigate to the Tasks section to see task details such as status, Assignee, start and end dates, and duration. If a task has not started, the projected (scheduled) date is displayed. Each task is a link to a Task Detail page. By default, it includes sections for Attributes, Instructions, Questions, Workflow, Predecessors, and History. If you selected the options to include Alerts and Comments when you generated the report binder, those sections are also displayed.

The first page also contains a list of alerts into which you can drill further. From the Alert Detail page, you can navigate to the associated task.

To view report binders:

  1. Navigate to the directory in which you downloaded the ZIP file, and double-click the file.
  2. Extract the ZIP files to the desired directory.
  3. Navigate to that directory and locate the subdirectory that matches the ZIP file name.
  4. From the subdirectory, double-click report_binder_name.html to view the report binder.