Creating a Report

Creating report definitions is the fourth step in generating reports. User can create reports from the queries and assign them to groups.

To create report definitions:

  1. From the Home Page, click Application, and then select Non-Consolidation Reports.
  2. Select Reports, then New, and then Task Manager Report.
    new report dialog
  3. In New Report, enter:
    • Name

    • Description

    • Query

      Select a query.

    • Template

      Click Browse and then browse to a report template. You can upload any supported Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher template format. See Creating a Template.

    • Report Group

      Select the Group Name for the report from the drop-down menu.

    • Display to User

      Select if you want the report displayed to a user.

    • Output Format

      Select a report output format that BI Publisher supports; for example: CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS or XLSX.


      XLSX is not supported for graphs. HTML and XLS are not supported for graphs and charts.
  4. To complete the report definition, you must set the parameters and access:
    1. For Parameters, select the Parameters tab.
    2. Select Actions, and then Add.
    3. Select the parameter values.
    4. Select the Access tab.
    5. Select Actions, and then Add.
    6. Select the Application Module and the Role from the drop-down menus.


      The report must be granted access to at least one application module for the report to display in the corresponding Reports tab.

  5. Select Save and Close.