Selecting the Workflow

To select the Task Manager workflow:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Task Manager.
  2. Click the Templates tab on the left and then click Tasks.
  3. From the Task dialog box, click Workflow.
  4. The Workflow section contains the Assignee and Approver assignments. Enter this information for the Assignee:
    • Assignee—To select to assign an Assignee to a named user or Shared Services Group, click Backup user.

      The "Actual" attribute is available for each workflow stage, showing the actual user for the completed workflow, for example Assignee (Actual). In the workflow, the Actual column shows who performed work on the task, regardless of the user status.


      The additional user information only appears if the task is reassigned after it was completed by the initial user.

      For an End-User task, for Assignee, click Select Assignee Icon for selecting Assignee to find a user.


      If you do not select an Assignee, the owner becomes the default Assignee. Parent and automated tasks have no Assignees.

    • Backup—If you assigned a user for the primary Assignee, you can assign a backup user authorized as an Assignee:

      1. Click Backup Backup user.

      2. Enter the First Name and Last Name or click Search to select a backup user.

      3. Click OK.

    • Starts

      Select a start date, then select the time of day, in increments of 15 minutes, for the task to start.

    • Ends

      Select an end date, then select the time of day, in increments of 15 minutes, for the task to end.

    • Optional: For Minimum Duration, enter the minimum duration of a task in the form of Days, Hours, and Minutes. An At Risk criteria is based on the condition if the Start date was missed and (the End_date minus the Current_date is less than the minimum task duration or the End_Date minus the Start_Date is less than the minimum duration). The At Risk tasks display in the Needs Attention Graph in the Status Chart of the Dashboard.

    • Optional: For an End-User task, select Allow Early Start to allow the Assignee to open the task before the scheduled start time.

    Enter this information for the Approver:

    • Level Name

    • Backup

    • End Date

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