Considerations for Migrating EPM Cloud Connections

Oracle recognizes that it's common practice for Service Administrators to try out new features, such as connecting environments, on test environments and then migrate to production environments. However, in doing so, it could cause some issues after migration. Here are some use case scenarios that you need to be aware of.

In the following scenarios, assume you have environments for Financial Consolidation and Close and Planning.

Use Case Scenario 1: Test to Production

When migrating connections from test environments to production environments, ensure that connections that were defined in the test environment are changed to point to the corresponding production environments.

For example, a Service Administrator has defined a connection between the test environments of Planning and Financial Consolidation and Close. The Service Administrator then uses this connection to build a navigation flow in Planning that refers to a card in the Financial Consolidation and Close. The snapshot that the Service Administrator creates for migrating the Planning test environment will include connections and navigation flows, including the connection to Financial Consolidation and Close test environment.

On migrating the snapshot into the Planning production environment, Planning will have an undesirable connection to the Financial Consolidation and Close test environment. You must manually change undesirable connections to point to the corresponding production environment either before or after migrating the environment.

Use Case Scenario 2: Production to Production or Test to Test

This scenario doesn't have any caveats.

Use Case Scenario 3: Production to Test

In this scenario, the Service Administrator might be trying to migrate a snapshot from a production environment into a test environment to resolve an issue. Because the connections created in the test environment still points to a production environment, it is important for the Service Administrator to modify connections so that they point to a test environment. Connections in test environments that point to a production environment may inadvertently tamper with the production environment.