About Connecting EPM Cloud Subscriptions


Service Administrators can connect multiple EPM Cloud subscriptions of the following types:

  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

  • Financial Close and Consolidation

  • Tax Reporting

  • Profitability and Cost Management

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Narrative Reporting

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

Once administrators set up the connections, users who have access across EPM Cloud subscriptions can navigate across them from a single access point with one login. Also artifacts such as forms, dashboards, and so on, from across subscriptions can be co-mingled within a cluster or within tabs on a card in navigation flows. Artifacts in the target subscription are accessible based on the user's role.

Watch this overview video to learn how to integrate EPM business process flows.

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Watch this overview video to learn how to customize your EPM Cloud workflow.

video iconOverview Video

Which EPM Cloud subscriptions can I connect?

The source subscription is the subscription from which you're creating the connection. The target subscription is the subscription to which you're connecting from the source subscription.

You can connect these source subscriptions (these subscriptions can also be target subscriptions):

  • Planning

  • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud

  • Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

  • Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud

Source subscriptions can also connect to these target subscriptions (these subscriptions can't be source subscriptions):

  • Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud

  • Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud

  • Narrative Reporting

  • Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud

What are the ways I can connect to other EPM Cloud subscriptions?


  • Only Service Administrators create cross-subscription connections.

    Users click a navigation link to open the linked subscription. Access within the linked subscription is determined by the predefined role and access permissions, if any, assigned to the user.

  • For cross-subscription navigation to be seamless, all subscription instances to which cross-subscription navigation flows are setup must belong to the same identity domain.


    If the target and source subscription instances are not on the same identity domain, then you'll not be able to establish a connection between them.

  • Service Administrators cannot configure cross-subscription connections using corporate SSO (identity provider) credentials.

    If your subscriptions are configured for SSO, ensure that identity domain credentials are maintained for the Service Administrators who configure cross-subscription connections. See Enabling Sign In With Identity Domain Credentials.

  • Migrating cross-subscription connections between test and production environments can cause issues in certain use case scenarios. For more information, see Considerations When Migrating Cross-Subscription Connections.