About Your Dashboard Layout

To layout your dashboard:

  • The first object you drag occupies the whole canvas.
  • Then drag objects to the left, the right, the top, or the bottom of the existing object.
  • The dashboard canvas provides two types of drop zones:
    • One to place two objects next to each other, each occupying half the space
    • The other to place three objects, each occupying a third of the space
  • You can design a dashboard with objects to display vertically, horizontally, and each can have its own size.
  • To resize an object that uses Flexible layout, drag the object’s border.
  • To resize an object that uses Fixed layout, set its width or height percentage in Settings.
  • The form layout can be asymmetric.
  • In runtime mode, if a user does not have access to a form or if the form is missing, then an adjacent object takes its space. In designer mode, all empty objects are displayed so that the designer can choose to remove them.