Exporting Data Using Data Management

You can export data from your application for analysis or for import into other systems. You can export data using Data Management, stage it in Staging Tables, and then export it to a delimited flat file.

You can export data from Data Management if you have the Service Administrator role.

Service Administrators must first set up the data export by performing the Setup tasks in Data Management:

  • Add a Custom Target Application. The data that you extract is stored in the Target Application before export to a flat file.

  • Specify Application Details and Dimension Details for the export process.

  • Define Import Formats to map data from the Source system to the dimensions in your Target application.

  • Create Locations to link the import formats to Data Load rules.

  • Define Data Mappings for each location, which map source system dimension member names for each dimension to the corresponding Target application names.

  • Create Data Load Rules to run the data extract process.

After you run the data export process, the Status column displays the current status. The data is staged in Data Management. You can download the data file from the Process Details page and save the data file.

To access Data Management:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Integration, click Data Management.
  2. Click the Setup tab, and follow the procedures in the Administering Data Management for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud guide.

Watch the following video for information on extracting data using Data Management:

Video iconExtracting Data Using Data Management.