Importing Data Using Data Management

Data Management enables you to integrate data from an external source system with Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud. Data from your source system is exported to flat files or Microsoft Excel files. You map the data in your flat files to your Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud dimension structure and then import the data to your application. For example, you can define Period mappings to map source system Period names and Keys to your application Periods and Years. Category mappings map source system data categories to your application data categories and frequencies.

Before using Data Management to load data from an external system, administrators perform these setup tasks:

  • Define Import Formats to define the layout of the source data files. Specify how to map columns or fields in your data source to your Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud data structure.

  • Create Locations to associate with the data integration. Each location has its own Data Load Mappings and Data Load Rules.

  • Define Data Load Mappings for each location, which map source system member names for each dimension to the corresponding application member names.

  • Create Data Load Rules, which specify a data file to load into a selected Category and Period. If you want to the Data Load Rule to run at a later time, you can select from Schedule options such as Daily or Weekly.

The Setup process enables you to import the data to Data Staging tables so that you can verify that your settings and member mappings are correct before loading into your application.

After you define Data Management mappings, you can update the mappings and Data Load Rules as needed. For example, if new accounts or dimension members have been added for a Location, or if member names have changed, you can update the mapping of source system member names to your application member names.

You can load data from Data Management if you have the Service Administrator or Power User role.

After the data import process is finished, you can open a data form to verify that the data was loaded correctly. You can Drill Through from a cell in the data form to view the source data that was loaded into the cell.

To access Data Management:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Integration, click Data Management.
  2. Click the Setup tab, and then follow the procedures in the Administering Data Management for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud guide.

Watch the following videos for information on data integrations: