About Infolets

Infolets enable users to view and interact with high-level, essential information generated from different sources so that they can quickly assess where to direct their attention. Administrators create, redesign, delete, and assign permissions to infolets.

Watch this overview video to learn how to design infolets. Video iconOverview Video

What is an Infolet?

An infolet is a self-contained, interactive box-shaped container used to display information using text and charts. Infolets are interactive and use progressive disclosure to display high-level, aggregated, essential information for quick consumption at a glance, and then can be acted upon as needed. Infolets can be flipped and resized to display up to three charts or sets of values.

Infolet Views

For more information about infolets, see Anatomy of an Infolet.

How Can I Use Infolets?

Use infolets to:

  • Promote essential, easily consumable information

  • Provide answers to your most critical questions:

    • What is new or what has changed?

    • What is the most important information that supports my work?

  • Group key information by user role in a way that helps users quickly assess and prioritize their work

  • Progressively display essential details and actions

    Display these additional details in the various infolet views accessed by flipping or expanding an infolet. However, a single infolet view is acceptable.

  • Provide a visually rich means of displaying essential or summary information

Do not use infolets to feature highly complex information, such as reporting functions, or to present detailed visuals.

See Determining Infolet Content.

What is an Infolet Page?

An infolets page is a page that contains one or more infolets. It houses a container that manages the space occupied by the infolets and rearranges them depending on the size of the browser and the size of the infolets. Each infolet you create belongs to an infolet page. From the Home page, click Library, and then theInfolets tab to view a list of infolet pages.

Infolet Page


Not all features pictured in the preceding image are supported in this update. Oracle plans to support these features in a later update.

See Working with Infolets.