Ownership Settings Year to Year

Initial default and override ownership settings should be automatically carried forward from period to period within the same year but not to subsequent years. By copying ownership data, you can carry the most current settings from the last period in one year (P12) to the first period of the next year.

Note that this option is only available in the last period of each year.

If ownership settings have not yet been copied to the first period of each subsequent year, the entity structure will not be displayed in the subsequent years and an Information message will be displayed:

No ownership data in the current year. Try "Copy ownership data to next year" action in the prior year last period.

To copy ownership data to next year:

  1. On the Home page, click Application and then click Consolidation to display the Manage Ownership. screen.

  2. Select P12 of the current year in the POV.

  3. From the Actions menu, select Copy Ownership Data to Next Year.

  4. Click OK when the copy is complete.

When the ownership data is copied, if the process takes longer than 60 seconds, then the remainder of the process will be continued in the background, allowing you to navigate to other screens, if required. To view the progress of the process, open the Jobs console.