Setting Form Template Access

On the Supplemental Data Form template Access tab, you determine which users are authorized and what function they perform on the form.

  • The top panel of the Access tab shows the list of users with View access.

  • The bottom panel displaysthe workflows that the user has access to.

You can import lists of viewers in CSV files to quickly assign access to multiple users. Viewers can be users or teams. You then use the View option to determine the stage at which they can access a form. You can also export the list of users for analysis by administrators.


You must define a Workflow before you assign Viewer access.

To add access:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Supplemental Data.
  2. Click the Form Templates tab on the left.
  3. Click New Form or Edit Form, and click the Access tab.
  4. Click New, or select a user and click Edit.
  5. In Viewers Access, select a user.
  6. From Workflow, select members of theWorkflow Dimension.
    The system lists all the combination of the members of the Workflow Dimensions.
  7. Select a View Option:
    • Always—You can view the data at any time even if the data entry is not complete or has not been submitted for approval.

    • After Submission—You can view the data as soon as the data is submitted, even before it has been approved.

    • After Approval—You can't view the data until after all levels of approvals are granted.

  8. Optional: To load Viewer Access for multiple users from a CSV file:
    1. From the menu bar, click Import.
    2. Browse to select the file.
    3. For Import Type, select Replace All or Update.
    4. Select a File Delimiter.
    5. Click Import.