Form Template Sections: Columns Tab

For a Form Template section, you can specify the number of columns in the layout and how they are displayed.

For example, if you select 3 as the number of columns in the layout, you can provide a maximum of three for each of the attributes as column indexes.

To update the Columns tab:

  1. Open a Supplemental Data form.
  2. On the Columns tab, select a value for the number of columns in the layout.
  3. In New Form Template or Edit Form Template, select the Section tab.
  4. Click New, or select a section and click Edit.
  5. In the Edit Form Template Section, click the Columns tab
  6. From Columns In Layout, select the number of columns for sections. The maximum is a 3-column layout.
  7. Specify information for the columns:
    • Included

      Select other attributes to be included in the form.

    • Name

      The name of the Collection attribute.

    • Dimension

      The column from an attribute of a specific dimension. This is read-only.

    • Data Type

      The corresponding data type for the column (read-only).

    • Column Width

      The column width specified in pixels. The default value is Size to Fit.

      The width does not include the space as padding for the cells in the column.

      • Small: Fixed pixel width of 70

      • Medium: Fixed pixel width of 100

      • Large: Fixed pixel width of 300

      • Size to Fit: Fit the width of the column based on the longest text in the rows

      • Custom: Specify a width. Minimum value: 20. Maximum value: 999.

    • Total

      Total method for the attribute as specified in the Collection. It is always read-only.

    • Total Validation POV

      Validation of Supplemental Data against account balances.

      From the drop-down icons, select the Cube and then the POV.


      View Only column for each dimension attribute must be deselected to validate against account balances.
    • View Only

      The column is for view only. If multiple forms are created for the same Collection, then only one form can contain the column for input, including key columns.

  8. Total Row

    How the total row should be displayed:

    • Top: Total row is displayed at the top of the table

    • Bottom: Total row is displayed at the bottom of the table

    • None: Total row is not displayed

  9. Optional: To add new attributes to a Form Template Section, click the Add (+) icon, select Add Attribute and specify the attribute information.

    The procedure for adding attributes in Form Template Sections is the same as adding attributes in a Collection. See Adding Collection Attributes.

  10. Click OK to save the data.