Un-Deploying a Form Template to a Data Collection Period

To un-deploy a form template to a data collection period:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Supplemental Data.
  2. Click the Form Templates tab on the left.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Un-Deploy Undeploy button.

    The Un-Deploy Form Template is displayed.

  4. In the Select Data Collection Period dialog:
    1. Click Interval and select a collection interval.
      When you select the collection interval, the POV dimensions reflect the frequency dimensions defined in that collection interval.
    2. Select members for the POV dimensions and click OK.
    3. From Period, select a data collection period and click OK.
      When you select the collection interval and POV dimension members, the list of Form Templates is filtered to display only the templates available for the selected interval.
  5. Select one or more form templates to un-deploy and click Un-Deploy.
  6. The Deploy Information Dialog is displayed that shows all the form templates related to the collection interval.
    • If the Share Data option was selected when the template was created, the system displays a message and lists the form templates that need to be undeployed together.

    • The Create, Delete, and Reset values are displayed for each template.

      • Create- Displays a count of all forms which will be created during deploy (and also re-deploy) based on the workflow definition.

      • Reset - Displays updates for the Collection / Template copy, such as newly added properties and attributes.

      • Delete - For Un-deploy and Re-deploy, displays the deleted form count based on workflow members.

  7. Select a form template and click Un-Deploy.

    A message displays that as a result of un-deployment, all the existing data for the period and all forms will be deleted permanently.

  8. Click Un-Deploy.

    After undeployment is completed, a confirmation dialog box indicates the total number of forms successfully undeployed.

    For forms that were unsuccessfully deployed, the form names are displayed with the error information.