Assigning the Workflow

Use the Workflow tab to assign the workflow for the form.

To assign the workflow for the form:

  1. Open a Supplemental Data form.
  2. In New Form or Edit Form, click the Workflow tab.
  3. In When to Start, enter the following:
    • Frequency—How often the data is collected for the form.

    • Schedule from—The collection date:

      • End Date––The end date of the period.

      • Close Date––The closing date specified for the period.

    • Start day Offset––The start date for the data collection of the form. This determines the number of days after the End date or Close Date that the data collection date is authorized to begin. It can be a positive or negative number. For example, you can prepare data a few days before the start day, and set -3 for the collection to start 3 days from then.

  4. In Workflow, enter the following:
    • Workflow option––Select an option:

      • Prepare

      • Prepare and then Approve

      • Prepare, then Approve, and then Post

      • Prepare and then Post

      • Post

    • Level of Approval—Select up to 10 levels of approvers.

    • Duration for—The maximum number of days allowed for a specific action per user.

      This data determines the scheduled completion date for submission, approval, and posting depending on the workflow option.

  5. In the Users section, add or delete users in the enabled fields:
    • To import or export users from a CSV file, click Import or Export.

      To import a CSV file, create a file with each entry on a separate line per Entity.

    • To add a user, click Actions, then New. Under the Entity column, click the Entity Selector icon, SDM Entity Selector select the Entity and click OK, and select each of the users that are assigned to the form template.

    • To delete a user, select a user, then click Actions, and then Delete.