Seeded Dimension Members

Each dimension is seeded with members to allow for flexible application configuration. Seeded members are created with the prefix FCCS or TRCS, for example, TRCS_Tax Accounts or FCCS_Balance_Sheet.
Seeded dimensions

The system also includes built-in calculations.

Guidelines for Seeded Members

  • You cannot remove seeded members.
  • You cannot rename seeded members.
  • You cannot change the member property.
  • You cannot change the member formula.
  • You can modify the member alias.
  • You can modify the Exchange Rate type on accounts.

Adding Children to Seeded Base Members

Within the Account, Data Source, Movement, and MultiGAAP (if used) dimensions, there are FCCS_seeded members.

  • If these members have a Data Storage property of Dynamic, you can add children to them.

  • If the Data Storage property is Store or Never Share, you cannot add children to them.

Moving Seeded Members in Dimensions

All seeded members must maintain the same parent that was created during the application creation process. If you do not want to use all of the seeded members, then you need to create user-specific members where appropriate. If you want to create additional parents for seeded members, you can create alternate hierarchies.

However, you can reorder seeded members under a parent member.

Rearranging Seeded Account Members

Tax Reporting has a seeded Balance Sheet and Income Statement structure including both parents and base. It is possible to change the structure of the seeded hierarchy and add additional parent and base members to suit your requirements.

The following guidelines apply:

  • The member names of the seeded accounts cannot be changed, but the aliases can. An additional alias table can be added for a separate account description. Data can be loaded, viewed and searched (in a member selector) by alias as well as by member name.

  • Multiple alternative hierarchies can be created for differing reporting needs. These alternative hierarchies should include all base members in the primary hierarchy, but can otherwise be organized differently.

  • Be aware that various system and seeded calculations will be lost if the seeded account hierarchy is ignored. Many calculations have been incorporated into the system that rely on the account structure.