Setting Up the Approval Unit Hierarchy

Default Approval Unit Hierarchy Assignment

When an application is created, the system automatically creates an Approval Unit Hierarchy named "Total Geography". This Approval Unit Hierarchy contains all entities under the "Total Geography" hierarchy. The approval template assigned to this Approval Unit Hierarchy is "Consolidation". This template is used for the purpose of Locking and Unlocking.

The Total Geography Approval Unit Hierarchy is also assigned to the Actual scenario for all years and periods of the application by default, and the periods are started by default.

Existing Applications

If you have already started locking your periods in your application, you can continue to use the "Total Geography" Approval Unit Hierarchy for any remaining periods that you want to proceed with for locking.

However, if you would like to start using the review process available for Process Management, you can either:

  • Modify the existing "Total Geography" Approval Unit Hierarchy to use a new approval template named "Consolidation - Bottom Up"

  • Create a new Approval Unit Hierarchy and assign the entities which you like to be included in the Approval Unit Hierarchy for the review process.

It is recommended to create a new Approval Unit Hierarchy using the new approval template - "Consolidation - Bottom Up" for the approval process. This will avoid any confusion with existing periods that have already been locked under the existing "Total Geography" Approval Unit Hierarchy.

New Applications

If you are creating a new application or if you have not locked any of the periods, you can modify the default "Total Geography" Approval Unit Hierarchy to use the new approval template - "Consolidation Bottom Up". If any of the period have already been started, you must Restart the review process so that the system uses the new approval template for the workflow.

To set up an approval unit hierarchy:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon.
  2. Under Workflow, click Approval Unit.
  3. Take an action:
    • To create a new hierarchy, click Create.

    • To edit an existing hierarchy, select a hierarchy and click Edit.

  4. Select Approvals Dimension.
  5. In Hierarchy Name, specify the approval unit hierarchy name.
  6. Optional: Specify a description.
  7. In Enable Approvals, select:
    • All to add all entities to the approval process

    • Custom to include the parent entity and the generation level of entities specified as approval units. Based upon the selection, the required entities are added to the hierarchy.

    • None - this will not automatically include any entities as approval units. You can manually select the entities to be included in the hierarchy.

  8. From Approvals Template, select a template.
  9. For Cube, leave the default setting of "Consol".
  10. Take an action:
  • Click Next or select Primary and Subhierarchy Selection to select the approval unit members (see Selecting Approval Unit Hierarchy Members.

  • Click Save and then OK to save changes and close the approval unit hierarchy.