Synchronizing Approval Unit Hierarchies

When you add, delete, or modify dimension members that are used in approval unit hierarchies, the affected approval unit hierarchy must be synchronized with the changes. When you display the list of approval unit hierarchies, the entry for each approval unit hierarchy specifies whether recent changes are reflected in the approval unit hierarchy. Use this procedure to synchronize dimension member changes with the approval unit hierarchy.


When you add dimension members, they are added as approval units only if they meet the criteria in the inclusion rules for the approval unit hierarchy. For example, if the added entity is a fourth-generation entity, and the inclusion rules specify generations one through three as approval units, the entity is not added as an approval unit. If the entity is a third-generation member, however, it is added as an approval unit the next time the approval unit hierarchy is edited and saved, or synchronized.

To synchronize changes to approval unit hierarchies:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Workflow, click Approval Unit.
  2. In the Synchronized column, approval unit hierarchies are labeled as follows:
    • Synchronized—Changes are synchronized with the approval unit hierarchy

    • Not Synchronized—Changes are not synchronized with the approval unit hierarchy

    • Locked By user—A user is editing or synchronizing the approval unit hierarchy


    If a user begins editing or synchronizing an approval unit hierarchy after you display the approval unit hierarchy list, the approval unit hierarchy list does not display "Locked" for the approval unit hierarchy. If you try to synchronize this approval unit hierarchy, the synchronization does not occur, and an error message states that it is being edited.

  3. Select an approval unit hierarchy listed as Not Synchronized, and then click Synchronize.

    Changes are applied to the approval unit hierarchy, and the list of approval units is updated according to the inclusion rules defined for the approval unit hierarchy.


    You cannot synchronize changes to an approval unit hierarchy that another user is editing or synchronizing.