Applying Prior Year Rate on RTA Amounts

By default, Return to Accrual (RTA) amounts are calculated using the current year tax rate. If you want to use prior year tax rates on RTA amounts, you can set an attribute called "ApplyTaxReturnRate" on the Movement dimension.


The system processes the Return to Accrual in period 13 or in P13 (RTA).

To use prior year rate on RTA calculations:

  1. From the Home page, click Applications, then Overview, and then click the Dimensions tab.
  2. Under Dimensions, select Movement.
  3. Under FCCS_Movements, expand FCCS_ClosingBalance, and then navigate to TRCS_RTADO (Return to Accrual Deferred Only):
    Select TRCS_RTADO under the Movement Dimension.
  4. Under Actions, select Edit, and then select the Attribute Values tab.
  5. Under the Available Attribute Values column, expand RTA Prior Year Rate, then select ApplyTaxReturnRate. Click Add to move it to Assigned Attribute Value column.
  6. On the Dimensions tab, click the Refresh Database icon.


    You must set up RTA Automation rules in order to post the RTA adjustments. See Defining RTA Automation Rules.